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Tuma deu in, JNV Tuinom mun a, sangnaupang class-vii sim mi2 in zaanmang( night dream) akibang nei khawm uhi. Ani un, amang ua Pasian toh aki mu ua, Pasian in MEIDIL/GOTMUN leh VANGAM ani un ensah hi.

VANGAM ah, vasa,ganhing Pasian silsiam chituamtuam te'n Pasian phatkhawm ua, lung muangtah in um uhi. Tuajou in,MEIDIL a ensah kia a, tam meidil mun a Ka-leh-mauna ngen, jauna leh lungkham nangen um hi.

Amate'n Pasian kung a,Mangpa bangdia tamte nang etsah ahiei chin adong ta uhi. Pasian in adawngna a,Khovel natenna uh Thanghuai leh Kidahhuai ta a,Ninbuatna(Dustbin) abangta hi, tuajia kidah huaita kasumang ta ding hi chin Pasian in amate giel kung a gen hi. Tua bep in amategiel in,Mangpa kholphot in,Kou kava sutup ding uhi chin Pasian kung a ang ngen uhi.

Tam naupangte gial in jong 24th Oct,2014 ni'n ECA church.g M.Songel village mun a Pasian sawl nabang in Pasian thu gen panta uhi. PASIAN gamnaita, Akikhel man i hagau ding gelta ui, I hagau adam nadiei? I Insungte akim nadiei?

Source: Voice of the Hills | Translated in Zokam by Khams Zotal.

<![CDATA[Zu-leh-sa khamthei/guithei in isum uh leh ihinkhua manpha tah bangjattah ang lamangsah tai?]]>Wed, 22 Oct 2014 16:05:23 GMThttp://davoices.weebly.com/articles/zu-leh-sa-khamtheiguithei-in-isum-uh-leh-ihinkhua-manpha-tah-bangjattah-ang-lamangsah-tai1(Reference with a message by Dongzathawng at Zoveng on 18th Febuary 2013 condolence night )

"Mite'n silhoi lou ahi chi athei phet un, ataimangsan ua, akilepsanjel ua, atawpna ah anuisat nalai uhi" Silhoilou ahi chi thei na gehguh a bawl thou2 khu khelna lian tah ahi, tua mabang in mipil misiamte'n agen jel ma bang un " Kheltheilou hindan/tawndan khu khangtouna dallianpen ahi " chin ana gen jel uhi. Ei lah a kikheltheilou gen talou in kikhel sawmna lungtang jong ineithei sih ua, mite ua a itai vajua uhi, mite nuiasat leh jumpi khop hial in ihinkhua manpha tah te uh isuhsia jel uhi. Khovel a mihing nuamsah tah a piang leh khanglian hi vang ding ahi, mihausa ichi te jong gentheina leh hasatna khat chiatnei ding in ka gingta.

Sum leh pai hau a Zudawnmi khat insung puidan leh zudawnlou a sumlehpai neikholou insung a ji-leh-tah puidan, ahatsatna/anopna kikhia mama hi. Innneu(talpahte zubu) sung a nikhat a deposit rs.20/- iseng thei bang un, izi sumbawm ahiei, personal bank account ahiei khat a deposit or saving bolthei jolei imailam a chimawh/beidong/poimawh chiang leh apangna umjolou ding ama? Ngaisut vawi..! Tuathamlou in iji-leh-tah/ inu-leh-pa/iunau-sanggamte leh i innsung uh nuamjosah ngei ding ahi, jong insah/inhangte simawh leh nuisat in i umnon sih ding uhi.

Ei atate ding in:

Inute un agilsung ua, genthei leh hasahta a ha kuoh(9months) jen angna gentheipi ua, sisan naisan sua jen a tah(baby) ang nei un, ipankhiat jou ua ahasatna uh hun ding hileh jong ngaidan khat ahi. Hinan leh nu-le-pa itna khu Sialbang lian a,thupi mama hi. Noi tui in angna vaa(feed) ua, aneh tang uh iitlou in ei atate ding khual na’n sep-le-bawl, gentheina kho sahlou a, khanguolte lian tan ang tut uhi. Tua ingkhang let phet ua bang ding a nu-le-pate kijausah a,amittui uh luongsah ding eh? 

Bang jatvei inu-leh-pate kung a kipahthu igenkha ta uoi leh? Oleh! Nu leh pate ilunggimsah uh eite ding a kipah na’n ang tut jo ama? Tam hileh vang imailam uh bing ding hi. Adieh in numeite sang in pasallam te’n insung a nu-le-pate ilungkhamsah jodeu un thei ing. Chilpuoh laitah a lungtang khu damsung a nalungtang ding in gelvot sin, kum leh ha kikhel bang a khangtung chiang a lungsim second 1 leh 2 a kikhel jungjung ahi. Pilvang vai len imailam ding uh geljo vai; Igam leh nam kinepna ihi uhi.

Insuang Nu leh Pate ding in:
Jineithei a insuangthei ding a i umthei leh bang ding a i innsung nuamsah joulou a, kipahsah joulou ding eh? Bang ding a izi(wife) toh nita simsial a DRAMA bol jing ding eh? Theiding khat chu innsung a tate’n Inu/ Ipa kihoudan, umdan, asia hi in, ahoiloute jousia kila nuam ahi. Sil khat poupou imumun a, ijamun seng chiang in thanop na’n hing tut jel hi. 

Nu-leh-pate’n ithei ding khat chu Innsung( Family) kichi hi tate ding a siamjil kipatna ahi(informal education). Nu leh pate mundante jousia tate’n hing jui ngei ding hi. Tate limlang(mirror) khu nu le pate ahia, Nu-leh- pate limlang khu atate ma ahi. Zu-leh-sa/khamthei-guitheite jia a minua iphalou uh ithei leh bang ding a tawpsanlou a kibuol den ita uoi leh maw? “Zu leh Zou” chi min hing na chiamte ihi uh thei chiatding in ka gingta hi. 
Nangaisut khatai...? 
“Zu-leh-sa/Khamthei-guitheite” mipil/misaim a ineite uh hinkhua leh mihing hinkhua bangjat alamangtai? 
“Zu-leh-sa/Khamthei-guitheite” jia’n innsung a kitualou na’n bangjat vei ang tut tai? 
“Zu-leh-sa/Khamthei-guitheite” jia’n inu-ipa/iji-leh-tah/iunau-sanggamte mitui bangjatvei iluong sah khatai?
“Zu-leh-sa/Khamthei-guitheite” jia’n igamsung uah meithai/tagah bangjat ang tut ei? Chi ei leh ei ki dong in kalsuan vai.

Hinkhua kichi hi eichou a hilou ahi. Kingaisia’n panna bei kisah vawtsin, Pannanei ding leh mohpuohn lianpi nei ding a pasain in ang siam ahi chi thei jing vai. Munkhat ilawsap in jong, mudang a panna ding dang um veve ahi chi manghilsih vai.
Gam leh nam lamkai te a ding in:

¬¬¬“Zu-leh-sa/Khamthei-guitheite” neh a lamkai kichi hi alamjang sih a, jong jatat na amu sih uhi. Zu sang in Pasian in ilah ua vaihing hawm henlan/ thuneipen in hingpang leh bang ding a mite simmawh leh namngiam a ki um ding ama? Lamkai kichi angsiangthou a, thudih a vai ang hawmchiang in anua juite jong kithalop in ma atal hungjung hi. Asiam tawp leh piltawp a kigen khat in ahinkhua khamthei-guithei ang neh chiang in min bangmalou in akoi hi. Pilvang vai!

“Zu-leh-sa/Khamthei-guitheite” jia’n ZOUVONTAWI TUIBANG LUONGKHAWMLOU;
“Zu-leh-sa/Khamthei-guitheite”jia’n TUUNNU ZOULEI NAUBANG AKAP.
“Zu-leh-sa/Khamthei-guitheite” jia’n SIANMANG IN VAI HAWM NUAMLOU;
“Zu-leh-sa/Khamthei-guitheite” jia’n APIANGMASAPEN PIANGNUKHIA BANG;
“Zu-leh-sa/Khamthei-guitheite” Jia’n PIANNA ZOUEI PABANG ETLAWM THEILOU;
“Zu-leh-sa/Khamthei-guitheite” tawpsan a, machiang suonkhom lei I ZOGAM loubang Tulsa, pahbang lun kia ngei ding hi.

<![CDATA[Stop discriminating people from the North East India!]]>Sat, 18 Oct 2014 03:18:15 GMThttp://davoices.weebly.com/articles/stop-discriminating-people-from-the-north-east-indiaAuthor: Khams Zotal

NOTHING BUT RACISM!Racism Kills, Racism is a Sin. Racism disunited the people. Many promised are made by the politicians for the safety of North-East folks in the country. Yet, those words uttered for the betterment of the NE people still unseen.How long we gonawait to implement those promises that was made for the safety of NE folks?

A week (14th, 15th, 16th October) reflects that a racial discrimination of people from North-East is clearly true,either crimes or hate crimes, the unseen attitude to the North East people is the cause, they’re the sources of racial discrimination against NE folks. And is repeated from time to time, we’re not safe, no longer secured in our home even that is not only in the national capital but also to the rest of the cities in India.

Do you ever imagined the terrible events happened to the NE people? A Manipur student leader attacks by the local people in Bangalore on 14th October, because he don’t speak Kannara. Two North Easterner from Nagaland was severely beaten up and even chop off their hair on 15th October, in Gurgaon. And again a 24-years old girl from Mizoram was murdered by her living boyfriend in Munirka on 16th October, New Delhi. What’s the cause of all this? It’s a continuation!

In spite of standing together to stop racism and problems faced by the North East peoplein our country, quite shocking that most of mainland people doesn't accept racism exist in the country. It does! Now, as we know people from North East are not safe in the world largest democracy country. Shameful!

We’re working so hard to make a new India, better India, while none don’t understand the needs of the people, the situations. You know, there is a high chance to falls while we’re not clear with our self and our missions. Folks wondering whether the political parties in India either the BJP, the Congress or AAP party’s. Whosoever parties who wants changes and development have never heard about the situation we’re facing today.If not, why is it still the same till today? Wake up!

On the other hand,the attacks of North-East People become a culture shown in local, national & international news broadcasting. We’re Indian. One Nation! Accept us!

The hopes whom we pour to our Icons, activists& leaders whom we’re pride to, and whom we think could be the appropriate person to raise our voices are being silent, they’re voiceless because they don’t raise their voices, remember at least one to two case are alert to the North East Support Center Helpline (NESCH) every 24 hours.

Why should we still acted as if we don’t know what’s happened to our brothers and sisters? Our folks endlessly suffered, struggling hard to survive within our Motherland. Rapes, Killing, Assaults are inhuman practice! Let’s take a steps towards integrity and peace. It may not happen you today, you can be the next!

Now, it’s time to demand and let the Constitution enact “Anti-Racism Law” to stop racial Discrimination in the country.We don’t want to suffer like what we are suffering today.

Dear all, we have two choice, either “we’ll hide today and suffer till the end or speak today to stop racial discrimination?”Racism is violation of Human Rights! Think for tomorrow; for our generation!

STOP discriminating people from the North East India!

NB: This articles was published in the Sangai Express (Largest circulated English Newspaper in Manipur) on 18th Oct.2014
<![CDATA[Malala and Kailash are the hope of India-Pakistan to bring peace!]]>Wed, 15 Oct 2014 12:43:22 GMThttp://davoices.weebly.com/articles/malala-and-kailash-are-the-hope-of-india-pakistan-to-bring-peace~Khams Zotal
This articles was published in the Sangai Express, The largest circulated English Newspaper in Manipur.Link@http://www.thesangaiexpress.com/page/items/43978/malala-and-kailash-are-the-hope-of-india-pakistan-to-bring-peace

What a surprised moment for both India-Pakistan sharing the Nobel Peace Prize within the face of the whole world even though a fired exchange in the border! It’s a sign for both the country to talk for peace, struggle for the same development and promote good quality of education for our children.

This is never happening in history of the world that both India and Pakistan in the same plate form and I think this is a high change for Indian and Pakistani to join in a common struggle for education and against extremism as mentioned by the Nobel Committee statement.

We’re extremely happy for prize awarded to the Child Activists Malala Yousafzai (Pakistan) and Kailash Satyarthi (India) sharing the Nobel Peace Prize 2014 for ‘their struggle against the suppression of children and for the right of all children to education’.

Their commitment and struggle for the better days of every child has inspired the young and old one across the globe to take part in promoting the rights to education for children. It reflects a great challenges to the both school going children and parents to focus on education and shows the important of education to everyone life.

Yes, Education is the rights for every children. We must promote the quality of education in our country in both rural and urban areas. Education should be for every children and we must try to reach to the unreached.

Although both the country (Indo-Pakistan) still in exchanged of fire in the borders due to a number of historical and political events, it gives us a new door to work peacefully for the development of both nation. Why should we still dream for a manmade disaster while we’re taking much precaution to prevent natural disaster to happen?

Killing, murdering, destroying will never help for the benefits of the nation. Understanding, agreement and positive dreams towards peace will help for both the country. If the amount that has been spent in both side to defense oneself in the border is pour for the education, many children should’ve benefits for their entire life.

Children are the hope of the nation; hope of the World, we have a huge expectation for both the Nobel winner 2014, to take initiative, focusing on the issues we’re facing today and bring peace towards India-Pakistan. We’re tired of reading the news killing in the border.

I would like to challenge the whole world with the quotes of the bravest girl in the world @ Malala Yousafzai ‘Destruction, Fear and weaknesses die; Courageous, Hope and Determination born’. Let our conflicts and misunderstanding in the past in between the two country be die and let Peace, love, harmony be born in between the two nation, let’s share our love and humanity across the globe!

<![CDATA[Violence In Media Leads To Violence In Society]]>Wed, 10 Sep 2014 09:22:55 GMThttp://davoices.weebly.com/articles/september-10th-2014This Article was published in the Sangai Express( The Largest circulated English Newspaper in Manipur)
The link can be reach here,

By Khams Zotal

SOME of us may think that violence in Social Media has no causes to violence in the society. Let’s see how media plays both negative and positive impact in our society. Social Media has made a very special place for itself in our lives. Media has become as important as food and clothing and there is no denial that media is playing a very significant role in making the world smaller. Through various mediums of media whether it is radio, television, newspaper or internet like Facebook, we are able to connect with large number of people far and around us.

Especially information is quite fast and easy access to Facebook, printed newspaper, etc. has truly become the need of every individual both for our work and to connect with our friends and well-wishers. We live in a society that depends on information and communication to keep moving in the right direction and do our daily activities like work, entertainment, health care, education, personal relationships, travelling and anything else that we have to do.

Media occupied such special place in our lives that if we are not a part of it, then there is something really important that we are missing. Media is like a mirror of the society which reflects each and everything about the society to us. Media is such a powerful tool that it literally governs the direction of our society today. It is the propeller as well as the direction provider of the society.

Media can adversely affect the thinking capability of individuals and install negative or destructive thinking patterns in the society as a whole. Media glorifies violence and contains graphic descriptions or images. When viewed by the vulnerable portion of the society, i.e., the children, it can have grave effects on their upcoming and thinking patterns.

The relationship between media violence and violent behaviour in the society has been extensively increasing. Media is important to the society but media also can bring bad impact to the society through the movies, violence news, etc.

In fact, majority of family have televisions and sometime children watch television without their parental supervision and this gives a greater opportunity for children to view programs such as violent movies, news, TV etc. that very young children will imitate aggressive acts on TV in their play with peers. Because children are unable to distinguish between fact and fantasy and may view violence as an ordinary occurrence. When we watch TV or a movie we usually see many images of violence and people hurting others.

The problem with this is that it can become traumatic especially in the children as we see it more and more. Children are starting to grow and are shaping their personality values and beliefs can become aggressive or they can lose a sense of reality and fiction of what they are seeing.

Parents should know that children have always learned how to behave in the world from the stories of their time, and the mass media are today's story-tellers. If the stories our children see routinely involve violence as a solution to problems, or simply as a random omnipresence, what kind of personal value system and cultural worldview are we passing on to our children? Even if we dont become more aggressive ourselves, we or our neighbours, or the kids at school may become overly fearful of others or desensitized to the seriousness of violence to others.

The use of violence is media is becoming more and more visible in today's society. We see in our television programming, the movies we watch, the video games we play, and we even hear it in our music lyrics. As the death toll and violent situation count rises, a debate arises. What does this say about our society? Some people believe that the escalating violence in the media has led to escalating violence in real life. People are taking their cues from what they see and hear.

Most of us try to re-enact stupid things they see on social media, or they put the blame on violent song lyrics. If a person goes on a shooting in a video game, they will be more apt to try it in real life. It maintains that these media bring out the worst in our human nature. Basically the media breeds a more violent society. Society perpetuates the violence it sees. It does not put all the blame sole on the media outlets. This theory maintains that media is a reflection of the society that created it. Our strong virtues are not compromised by what we see and hear in our media artefacts. The media perpetuates the violence it sees in society. Never say you gona ignore any kind of social media, you may be missing something in this generation, be flexible and we must learn to choose the items, everything, anything is available on social media. We must learn to choose the right information, the choice is yours. Non-Violence!

The writer can be reached at khams.zotal@gmail.com

<![CDATA[The Four Candles (Peace, Faith, Love & Hope) ]]>Fri, 25 Jul 2014 05:49:37 GMThttp://davoices.weebly.com/articles/the-four-candles-peace-faith-love-hopePicture
~Khams Zotal 
 Social Worker 
Room sunga candle Li(4) aki taang a , tua candle Li-te dinmun pen gal(distance) apat khut ajap mithei lel ahia. Etlawm nan leh, dinmun dengdel tah a kuang(burn) ahi uhi. Pan ngal vai… Candle masapen(1) in, “kei Lemna(Peace) kahi achi a”, kei lou ngal koiman ang taang(lit) thei sih hi, tua jia’n, ka vaah(light) bei chiang kamit dending achi hi. Tam achi joujou in, amit pei ngal a, ataang thei kia non sih hi. 

Candle ni(2) na’n: “Kei khu Ginna(Faith) ka hi”, kei kahi leh dan(rules) nuai a um bang kahi a, jong ka kunthei sih a, ka ding jang jitjet a, tua jia’n kei jong ka vaah khu asot daih sihding achi hi. Tam achi jouchet in hui hinglang in, tua hui in amit sah ngalta hi. 

Dahuaitah in, candle thum(3) na‘n hichin agen hi. “Kei kahi leh Iitna (Love) kahia”, ka vaah tang sotnang in thahatna kanei jou nonsih a, mijousian ang tuampai ua, mijousian ittna apoimawh na athei sih ua, tua jia’n tulai innsung-vengsung-gamsung toh ki iit-tua dingdan jong atheijou non tasih uhi. Tam thu agen jou in ama jong amit peita tahi. 

Thakhat thu in, naupang khat room sung a lutleh, tua candle Li lah a candles thumte atang non tasih ua, tua bep in naupangnu jong akap ngala, hitui luang pum in “bang ding a kuang lou nahi uoi”? Atawp tan a kuang(Burning) ding a um uh hilou uh nama aw? Achi hi. 

Lungkham tah leh panpi tuding neilou akisah lai un alah ua um Candle li(4) na in hichiin agen hi: Lungjau sih un, lungneu sih un, “Ke Kilam-etna(Hope) khu kahi, kei kakuang(burn) laisia’n kei vaah apat noujong na va sawm thei na hi uhi achi hi. Tuama bang in, candle Li na khu in aban ban in tua canldes thum amit teng a vaah ahawm a, abon un a vaah khawm kia ta ua. Naupangnu jong tua candles kuang khu a en in, anui ta hi.

Eima sung a um silhoi, ahisih leh gin umna hitaven, siangthou nalam hi’n jong I vaah uh, innsah-innhangte kung a piasawn thei ding in iki letsahnate uh, kithupisah nate uh paimang ahunta hi. Khat leh khat kipanpi tua thei dingin ihun tomnou khat tam khovel sung a I umlai in khat leh khat kipanpi tua khu chimtho sih vai. Pasian deijo lamtah ahi. 

Tam candle li te tangthu apat a jil doh ding chu, khovel mikhat chou in, bangma abol thei sih hi, pankhawm angai a, nang naneilou, midang in anei a, midangten aneilou khu nang nanei ahi, Khovel a, Lam-etna, Ginna, Iitna leh Lemna ahi ipoimawh uh. Tamteng in mihing hinkhua khat a ang peikhawm chia, siangthouna, thudihna, damna, muanna, khangtouna um gaip ahi. We are the people living by Faith, Love, Peace and Hope, 

God bless dear readers! 

<![CDATA[When The Sun Doesn’t Looks Like The Sun]]>Mon, 26 May 2014 10:35:52 GMThttp://davoices.weebly.com/articles/when-the-sun-doesnt-looks-like-the-sun~Khams Zotal

Everyone is truly concern with the issues which badly spoiled the entire environment of the whole complex societies, most of us are so much aware while some aren’t aware of our own images, one will blame the others, or else the culprits. People will shout in the street and protest in demanding justice and equality. Problems multiply at the end, the innocents people untimely close the eyes for the needs of social change, leaders regularly watched in news, a journalists and media covered the events and come up with shocking headlines in the news, that may even sometimes reported the wrong information knowingly or unknowingly, a precious lives’ may be compensate with man-made rupees in lakh and lakhs, but the causes of any social evils never ends.

It is good to encourage each other to do things for the betterment of the society, we must remember the fact that “we are living in a complex society” as the saying goes by Facebook CEO #Mark Zuckerberg. Black and white, good-bad, tall-short, and big-small etc. etc., it goes hand in hands; we keep on watching rather than solving. We tend to hide ourselves instead of standing to fight against the stigma. Whom do we care where we don’t care ourselves?  This is the conception almost all mankind formulated in today’s world.

At the cost no option s/he said- this can’t be solve, it’s impossible, do not try, let it goes! But I encourage my peers and Youngers not to give up easy, we must stand firm with truth and hunger to make a difference, we must love one another regardless of anything with which an individual is possessing, the more we try, we are getting closer to the so called “problems solved”. Keep moving with courage and inspiration, there is certain point we have to stand all alone without any guidance. Except the vision impairs, we all open our eyes but could not see the beauty, let our eyes see both the good and bad incident badly happened in an around. Learning from our mistakes and from our mistakes will help towards a better living.

Each of us we are blessed with different looks and identity, we must learn to love and love to learn; an individual cannot make a change in the society unless the society want to make change and join hands, we all play a different roles in this movement of social change. If the Sun doesn’t looks like the Sun, when we couldn’t live peacefully in our own society today, it can look naturally beauty when peace and harmony prevails within us and so on to the society. And together we can make a different with participation for all. We all want ‘change’ right? Aren’t we?

Last but not least, It’s good to know the point where you are standing today, let us return back if we are too far away from the home of change. Our society waits for you. We may find we are just wasting our time getting involved in any social activities. But that is the easiest way to pull down ourselves on the track of doing well for the society. It’s better to be addicted in contributing something’s good for the society than addicted in drugs. I must say “Better late than never” to make a difference in our society.

<![CDATA[Balancing-Success and Failures]]>Fri, 16 May 2014 06:53:38 GMThttp://davoices.weebly.com/articles/balancing-success-and-failuresPicture
~Khams Zotal

Board of Secondary Education Manipur (BOSEM) and Council of Higher Secondary Education (CoHSEM) declared 2014 results. Yes, this is the day thousands and thousands of aspirants celebrate their success at the fullest. Big! Big!             Congratulations to all successful candidates.

In other way a door is open for the successful candidates to step up in life of competition. It is also the day when many failures get involve into certain intoxicated things leading to addiction or that may even end their precious life just because of one day failure. And some have already ended their lives’ for a shamed of being a failure in the last decade.

Well, for me, I would like to focus on the candidates who are not success out here and I encourage you all not to lose hope. I confess truth about the famous saying “success is never ending; failures is never the final”. If you are failing today, will be success tomorrow.

Why not take a step to reach out our dream? Remember, it’s not being shameful for being a failure, and we must challenge our self in such a way that our failure will be a stepping stone in the days to come. Undoubtedly, all the efforts and labor you have stunted will be useless for you to achieve higher percentages than for those of all who secured less marks and get success.

In 2008, friends’ of mine named Mr. John (name change) who is very intelligent and a brilliant student was fail while many of us are curious to know his RANK. Things happen unwillingly; we should take it in a positive way in such a way that your failure will lead you to a successful person. John ain’t loose hope; he came up with a high percentage in the next year board exam. Now I can see him happy at this time I in his own office. We should not give up; we’re here to struggle and living with full of challenging.

Parents need to learn how to comfort and encourage their children’s in a room of success or in failure. A responsible parent will not let their children’s down, giving extra time and motivate with a modern method will help the child in a futures. Most of us forcibly trained thier children which never reach to their goal, to be good parents we should learn to appreciate our childrens in both a condition of failure and success. Identifying their weakness and strong point will help the child to struggle and balance their carrier.

We’re too young to give up! Our nation, the whole world is waiting for youth to shine. Gear up! Congratulation to all successful candidates and unsuccessful candidates for you are success today and you will be success next time. Cheers!

<![CDATA[Wake up now, stop racial discrimination]]>Thu, 27 Feb 2014 21:40:57 GMThttp://davoices.weebly.com/articles/wake-up-now-stop-racial-discriminationIt was published in "The Sangai Express' (Largest English newspaper circulation in Manipur),Link here,

Letters to the Editor,

With the current situation of the North East Indain, few things we need to add in mind, ‘Race’ is a significant social issue because people use racial differences as the basis for discrimination. When Europeans began colonizing Africa and the Americas, the white settlers adopted the idea that they were superior to the other races they encountered and it was their job to “civilize the savages.”

This false notion became known as “the white man’s burden,” and was used to justify the Europeans’ taking land and enslaving people. In this way, naturally-occurring racial differences became the basis for systems of exploitation and discrimination. That was just an example.

Racism is the systematic practice of denying people access to rights, representation, or resources based on racial differences. Institutionalized racism is a thorough system of discrimination that involves social institutions and affects virtually every aspect of society. That may last for generation.

It’s important to remember that racism is neither natural nor inevitable. Through history, people of different racial groupshave interacted and co-existed peacefully. But why not we Indian ? India is famous and well known with its rich culture. Don’t we feel proud of our culture whenever we say ‘its my culture’ and at what point we are standing now ? We gonna use easy words ‘I love my culture and my India’ blah blah blah.... Don’t we have the judgmental attitude for our own bothers and sisters ? Think about it...

Asking oneselves, do we have that problem here in India representing the Nation from the East ? Yes, very much.

I hope most of us could’t avoid saying “yes”. I would use the words of Martin Flanagan and give a challenges to the Goverment and all public leaders (especially leaders in NE region) with the quotes, “Multi-culturalism in this country is no longer a social aspiration of certain political groups - it’s a reality.”


Yours faithfully,

Khamlianlal Zou @ Khams Zotal
(Student social workers), Manipur khams.zotal@gmail.com

<![CDATA[A First Visit to Gurgaon Police Station]]>Wed, 26 Feb 2014 14:20:27 GMThttp://davoices.weebly.com/articles/a-first-visit-to-gurgaon-police-stationThis articles was published in The Sangai Express  on 6th March, 2014. 
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THERE was a young guy who received phone calls at around 6:30PM, and he said “A group of North East youngsters who were employed in call centreswants to complain to the Gurgaon Police about their pending salaries”. He further said,“He will rush to the police station immediately tohelp our people”. I asked,if he allows going with him with a lot of excitement, curious to know and wants to experience the situation of how the people from the North East and how the police take initiative or concern about their problems and deals with.

Atlasthe understand my concerned and my interest being a student social workers who wants change and development for the societies, he accepted my request. We dressed up hurriedly and rushed to the nearest metro station at 10:00AM in the morning, then we headed towards Gurgaon Police Station. Big thanks to him! He is none other than the media incharge of North East Helpline, Mr. Bruce K Thangkhal, one of those who sincerely and tirelessly work for the safety of our people living in the national capital and its surrounding cities.

It takes an hour to reach Gurgaon form Munirka. Soon after we get off from the metro we hired an auto thereafter we reached the Police Station at round 10:50AM. We were six in numbers including Thangkhaland me,who gathered to consult the lady officer about their salary issues. Unlike any other police station I have seen, DCP East Gurgaon Police Station maintained proper sanitation. It looks fresh and healthy environment. The room inside where waited looks very fresh.

After 3 to 4 mins, we are being informed to meet the DCP East madamNaazneenBhasin IPS. We greeted her firstly then had a discussion about the company which delayed the monthly salary to the particular North East people who works and earn in different settings. Each of the employees took a time and explains their own situation. With the truth madam Bhasindoesn’t ignored the problems faced by some North East in the cities. With her soft-lovely voice she interacted with us in her office.

Unlike any other police officers, madam Bhasingranted the approached and consultation as serious matter and comforts the North East people, telling that the issue will be solve as soon as possible. Thank God! According to me, she will be the right person and the right police officer who knows her responsibilities and furthermore, she can set as one of the best examples to the rest of the police who totally forget their duties and responsibilities to serve the people and the country as well. She like the truth and I think such a great looking; intelligent officer, friendly officer who understand the problems, accepting the needs of the people regardless of caste, race, religion, or looks will be hard to find in our country. We are proud of having such officer in our country. Her positive concern to the North East people strengthenedus to have more sense of belonging as true citizen of our country although by misunderstanding anything or any incidents that has been happeningall around. I still feel I am Indian. And Yes I am!

Adding with few truths, I was told not to go Delhi under such prevailing situation –unwanted incidents occurred in the last couple of days. Parents started worrying of me, when I mentioned that I will go Delhi to attend the assessment day as a National Volunteers under International Citizen Service (ICS)-VSO-India. But my response to my family was, “I will stand with truth, have positive attitude towards different people coming from different background in the country, a principle of acceptance, if I do good things it will have a positive result. I will work for the needy people like us, we have a long waited journey, help each other, and must be prepared for anything. I will receive love and blessing and everyone is my brothers and sisters in this world we are living beings, always pray for me”. Fortunately, I had fallen in love with the environment. Things are beautiful. Everyone is busy with their own live. This is about Delhi’s City life!

Most of us often blamed our own people. In a family if all members don’t have a sense of belongings, if we don’t have commitments and understand and acceptance, it wouldn’t be a sweet family to live. Likewise, we are living in India and the world as a family. Some of us still in the age of hundred years back although we’re living in 21st century. Will you mind throwing out such an evil sense?There is no upper class and lower class in this world. We are born equally, there will be no words called ‘higher’ if there are no words called ‘lower’. It’s like a coin, head and tail, we all contribute once!

To serve the country and works more for the betterment of our society, and for globally, we need a good personal quality than skills and knowledge. Only when one knows the purpose of life, or try being professional in any works – either big or small – have more positive impacts. This will bring good motivation to all, the truth will survive but the false will die soon. So let us stand with truth, be proud of yourselves, explore your identity as much as you can, our little contribution being living with truth and identity will change the whole world.